Prototype Manager



This person will coordinate work between engineering needs and the workers. Really wants someone that can expand their new technology, someone very proactive and loves new technology.

– CNC machining for metal and plastic/other material components (small quantities)

– Maintaining production tools (Injection molds)

– Fabricate tube, sheet metal for seating and other products

– 3D printing for plastic components

– Standard samples for Customers (Buckles with webbing etc).


Briefly we are looking for someone who has background in various Prototype shop manufacturing processes (CNC, 3D printing, tube bending and shear, EDM and others) and isin tune with advancementsin quick turnaround prototyping methods.

Looking for someone who can grow our capabilities as our business grows and become versatile for the engg needs.

Need someone who can bring high energy and quick turnaround for projects.


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