Client Support

Step 1: Client job Search Confirmation
Client provides assignment specifications
Step 2: Job Search Assignment
The recruiting team identifies potential candidates Sources and assigns responsibilities with time line according to customer specifications.
Step 3: Candidate Sourcing
Our recruiting team develops a thorough list of potential candidates and leads. In depth conversations with potential candidates and leads.
Step 4: Qualifying & Selling
In depth background conversations to identify candidates that are qualified, available and interested in the opportunity.
Step 5: Reference Checks / Assessments
Conversations with supervisors, peers and subordinates for a complete understanding of each candidate, technical skills and cultural fit . Assessment at the request of our client.
Step 6: Short List Presentation
Based on numerous candidates screening, resumes And candidate summaries will be presented.
Step 7: Client Interview
Client management team conducts in depth interview to assess skill set and compatibility.
Step 8: Client Interview / Candidate Debrief
After interviews are complete, post interview debrief with client and applicant. Best fit candidates narrowed for final interview and/or offer.
Step 9: Negotiation & Offer
The account manager reviews acceptable parameters with client and then negotiates the offer with the candidate.  The account manager overseas the acceptance and coaches the candidate through resignation.
Step 10: Performance Follow-Up
After the candidate has been with the client for one month and six months the account manager follows up with the client and the candidate.